From Around is a people-powered platform that covers food through the prism of cooking and stories of our home chefs.

We often relive memories and moments of eating our favourite food. Do you remember eagerly waiting for your grandmother’s dish or when your dad cooked that two-minute meal and how our mothers magically whipped-up something extraordinary with the simplest ingredients?

Food is the gateway to a nourishing life, discovering new cultures and shared interests. Cooking brings us together and it continues to create communities, and with community comes a feeling of connection and happiness.

The pandemic has made us aware of what we consume, the economy we drive and the life we are living. In a digital-first world, it’s our mission to keep human connection at the heart of what we do. From Around is reviving the feeling of community, nourishing food and the nostalgia of local flavours by sharing recipes, telling stories and curating products made at home. We aim to empower our makers to turn their ideas into successful businesses by creating a community marketplace that connects them with buyers looking for something special made at home.

Simply put, our mission is to bring communities to appreciate cultures, flavours and crafts.