Mango Kulfi

Basic malai kulfi is something we’ve all had but recently I discovered this artfully created mango kulfi recipe that makes for a breathtakingly beautiful and yummy dessert.


  • 500ml or 2 Cups Whole Fat Milk
  • Sugar as Per Taste (Add 1 or 2 tsp extra if you like)
  • Mangoes
  • Cardamom Powder
  • Dry Fruits
  • Kesar


Prep: 30 minutes
Cooking: 10 hours

  1. Condense the milk to half. Add sugar while the milk starts to reduce.
  2. Now add cardamom and kesar (I like it simple, cardamom and kesar are simple and basic favorable condiments).
  3. Finally, add all the dry fruits.
  4. Gently try to remove the pulp and the gutli from the mango and basically empty up the mango. It should look like a container and fill your condescend milk(prepared earlier) in it.
  5. Freeze this until it’s properly set. (8-10 hours in the freezer)
  6. Later peel the mangoes and cut them into discs.
  7. Garnish with shaved dry fruits. 
  8. Tip –

when removing the guthli from the mango, be extra gentle and careful. Slowly turn
it, maybe you can use a spoon to gently scoop it out from the bottom and make it easy.