Nutella Cheese Cake

Who doesn’t love cheesecakes? Well it was my sister-in-law’s birthday and with the lockdown, we had stopped ordering outside food, pastries cakes etc. so, I decided to whip it up and it turned out very nice.


  • For the Crust
  • 200 gms (Oreo Cookies Cream Removed)
  • 6 Tsp Butter
  • Cream Cheese Filling
  • 700 gms Cream Cheese (any brand at room temperature)
  • 175 gms Heavy Cream (cold)
  • 190 gms Nutella
  • 200 gms Castor Sugar
  • 15 gms Gelatine (sprinkle in water and soak)
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla
  • For the Nutella Topping
  • 190 gms Nutella
  • 2 Tsp Dark Chocolate (melted)
  • 75 gms Heavy Cream


Prep: 20 minutes
Cooking: 40 minutes

  1. For the crust – remove cream from the Oreo biscuits, crush them in a mixer, add melted butter and combine evenly till moist.
  2. Press the cookie mixture in a greased spring pan baking ware (with a removable base) and press it down gently with the back of a spoon. Bake for 15 minutes at 180 in a preheated oven. Let it cool down.
  3. For the filling – in a large bowl, beat the cream cheese with heavy cream until well combined and the mixture seems light. Gradually add sugar, gelatine and vanilla to beat further till creamy.
  4. Add sugar little by little and keep beating. Reserve 1/3 of the cream cheese mixture in a separate bowl.
  5. Add Nutella and 1 teaspoon heavy cream to rest of the mixture and mix till incorporated.
  6. For the frosting – pour the white mixture over the baked crust, add Nutella mixture carefully over the white mixture and bake for 50 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees.
  7. Prepare Nutella topping by heating the cream, add Nutella and melted chocolate to mix well. Cool it down.
  8. Once the cheesecake is ready, spread evenly over the cake and chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight.