We’ve spent a decade working with start-up businesses, women entrepreneurs and artisans in metros and villages across India and have witnessed, first-hand, the challenges faced by creators and makers in building sustainable livelihoods and thriving. Independent creators & makers with limited resources find it challenging to compete with well-established brands on social media and marketplaces.


From Around is a realisation that only by empowering, educating and enabling creators, artisans and makers, can we truly realise the potential of human capital. We believe a fairer ecosystem will result in a thriving community.


From Around is a creator-first platform that empowers YOU, the creator to earn by selling directly to your followers, fans and customers. You could be a content creator sharing videos, a home chef delivering locally, a homepreneur starting a business, an artisan reviving your culture, an event planner or a tour guide. From social networks to fulfilment, our mission is to give creators One Link and Many Ways to Earn. With From Around, you can go direct-to-market, monetise your passion and earn. A simple way for creators to earn!

What Makes Us Different?

Decisions concerning the technology we build, business targets we pursue & the investors we align with start by keeping in mind you, the creator. We stand committed to this mission and our 3C’s principles of functioning –


Where we live, our neighbours, local shopkeepers, the sabjiwala or your neighbourhood samosawala, our local community plays a big role in our everyday life. From Around aims to empower this community of individuals to connect, build relationships and thrive.


We all belong to one! And in one way or the other our food habits, hobbies and social consumption are linked to our cultures. From Around aims to bridge the gap of understanding between people by giving creators the freedom of cultural expression in a safe & thriving online eco-system.


The economic growth of self & company is key to not only our survival but to that of our communities & cultures. From Around’s singular focus is to enable a direct relationship of commerce between creators, merchants, artisans & homepreneurs and their fans, followers & customers.

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