Greek Salad

Healthy, fresh and delicious salad. It’s an easy and quick dish for a busy day. You only need to chop a few vegetables and bring them all together. The dressing can be made beforehand and kept in the fridge.


  • 100 Grams Lollo Rosso
  • 1 Onion, Medium Chopped
  • 100 Grams Bell Peppers, Medium Chopped (Red, Yellow and Green)
  • 4 Cherry Tomatoes, Halved
  • 100 Grams Feta/Goat Cheese, Cubes
  • Micro-Herbs
  • Zatar
  • Pomegranate
  • Vinaigrette (3 Tsb Oil, 1tsb Vinegar, 1 Tsp Dijon Mustard, Salt, Pepper, Tahini, Chopped Garlic)
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste


Prep: 10 Minutes
Cooking: 5 Minutes

  1. Wash Lollo Rosso and keep in iced water for 10 mins.
  2. Wisk all the ingredients to emulsify for vinaigrette.
  3. Remove the Lollo Rosso from the ice bath and place it in a bowl. Drizzle in some vinaigrette and toss the leaves. Make sure you coat all the greens but do not overuse the vinaigrette. Plate the greens as a bed in the serving bowl.
  4. Take other ingredients in the bowl and add some vinaigrette and toss them to coat it evenly. Add these to the serving bowl.
  5. Garnish with some micro-herbs, zaatar and pomegranate.